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For the early beginner to win
The best lessons for the raw beginner to quickly learn to win chess games (reading level: teenagers and adults) THE best chess book for beginners
Learn to win at chess
Excerpts from the introduction in the book “If you know the chess rules but almost nothing about how to win, this book is for you. We’ll keep to the basics that you need most, when you are still learning how a reasonable chess game works. “Have you ever observed someone’s reaction to a chess game between raw beginners? Did the observer walk away after grimacing or stiflng a laugh? If that reaction could have come from almost any move made in that game, it was not a reasonable game of chess. You can learn to avoid that kind of embarrassment. You might even win somebody’s admiration, after you apply what you learn in these chapters. “Take the lessons in this book seriously and your ability to play chess may advance further than if you had struggled through losing twenty games.  It might not take the place of seriously struggling through eighty games, however, for over-the-board experience teaches in its own way. Yet you might soon see your opponent struggle in competing with you, as you apply these lessons and teach that person humility. It’s about time.” From Chapter 1 “A common weakness in the games of raw beginners is failing to see the many possibilities. When you see that a particular piece can move to a particular square, compare the resulting position with what it would be if you made a different move.” From Chapter 2 “This is a book for the raw beginner, so we’ll not dive into handicapped pawn structures, namely doubled pawns. Keeping to the basics, notice black is slightly ahead in material in Diagram-17 . . .”
Beat That Kid in Chess
The book to help you defeat your young chess companion (or any other beginner)
Chess is an excellent intellectual exercise
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Beat That Kid in Chess by Whitcomb Quality paperback of 194 pages 5.5 by 0.4 by 8.5 inches Suggested retail price: $13.40 ISBN-10: 1508856222 ISBN-13: 978-1508856221 Reading level: Older children but mostly for teenagers and adults
Beat That Kid in Chess - for the novice competitor
The ideal chess book for the novice who knows how to play but wants to learn to win more chess games
Why is this the best chess book for the beginner? Beat That Kid in Chess may be the first publication that regularly uses the new chess instruction method: nearly-identical positions. It also concentrates on exactly what the early beginner needs to see and understand, to prepare to win against other novices to the royal game. It’s all about tactics (in contrast to strategy, which is more for the intermediate or advanced chess player). From the first page of the first chapter, a large diagram shows a chess position that is almost the same as the positions shown on the next few pages. The slight changes, however, train the reader to see what is essential in learning how to win. In one diagram, checkmate is possible but not in another. This is exactly what is needed for simulating what happens in a real game of chess: The positions change gradually and each move can require a different choice. In the many thousands of chess books previously written, which ones (if any) systematically use this important method of training the beginner to think like a more advanced competitor?