A few pterosaur sightings in the Midwest

Late-2016 Ropen Sighting Near Columbus, Ohio

Notes by Jonathan Whitcomb, after interviewing an eyewitness:

When I first began talking with the biologist by phone, I told him that it was extremely unlikely that he or his son would ever see it again. But after some talking with him, I learned that they have many limestone caves in that area and much wildlife. [sighting in Gahanna, Ohio . . . [sighting on December 19, 2016]

Sighting in Michigan

From a member of the Facebook group Living Pterosaurs of the World:

. . . I saw a small flock of very large grey creatures with a large wingspan flying high up in the sky on a sunny afternoon in the summer in west Michigan. The creatures seemed to be almost level with the few clouds that were up there, and though their features were very hard to distinguish, the sunlight seemed to be clearly glinting off of their wings, as if they may have been skin/scaled, and not feathered. . . .

Scaring Chickens in Missouri

The following is part of an email received by Jonathan Whitcomb early in 2013:

. . . I am a US Marine currently stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. I was out feeding my chickens about 45 minutes ago, when they started acting strange, and took cover in the coop as if they were in danger. Figuring there was a hawk or other bird of prey circling, I turned around and looked up to see what it was. . . .

[It] had a very large wing span . . . [and] a very long head. It’s beak was about twice the length of the cone protruding from behind its head. . . . [and] a very long tail with what I can only describe as a diamond shape at the end. . . .



Another Pterosaur Sighting in Ohio

A man (who has two college degrees in biology) and his son together had a sighting in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio.

Ropen Light Observed by a Government Official

In 1972, Steven Cottingham was the government’s officer-in-charge of  Umboi and surrounding islands, for what was then the dependent nation of  New Guinea. . . . One night, near Lab Lab on the southeast coast of Umboi Island, he saw a  flying light that lasted four or five seconds.



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