Ropen-related images shown above

On the left, Josh Gates interviews a native of Papua New Guinea, who is an eyewitness of the large “bird” that glows at night. This is from the Destination Truth television episode “Ropen/Chupacabra.” That “bird” may very well be the same species as the ropen of Umboi Island and the indava of the Tawa Village area of the mainland of PNG.

The second-from-the-left image is the sketch drawn by the U. S. Marine Eskin Kuhn, who saw the two “pterodactyls” clearly, in bright daylight, at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 1971. Within minutes of his sighting, he sketched the two flying creatures. In more recent years, he was interviewed by phone by Jonathan Whitcomb, who found him to be highly credible.

Paul Nation, of Granbury, Texas, (third from the right) has been on a number of expeditions in Papua New Guinea, beginning in the 1990’s. He is shown here during his interview by Whitcomb, within days of his return from his successful expedition on the mainland of PNG late in 2006. He had videotaped two glowing indavas one night, near Tawa Village and brought home the footage that was later analyzed by a missile defense physicist: Those two glowing lights were shown to be anything but ordinary.

On the far right is an image of the flying creature seen by Patty Carson. Her testimony about her sighting (which was in 1965) supports the report by Eskin Kuhn, for she was also at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, when she saw what is very likely the same species as the two “pterodactyls” seen by the U. S. Marine. The ropens seen by these two eyewitnesses in Cuba has been called the “Gitmo Pterosaur.”


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